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Last Updated: Feb 26, 2013 04:23AM UTC

We're highly interested in supporting applications that would like to integrate with Droplr. We offer a fully-featured API and have libraries available for some popular languages including Ruby, C#, Java and Objective C.

Access to the Droplr API is currently on an case-by-case approval basis. To request access, please email Please include the following information along with your request:

  1. How you intend to use the Droplr API.

  2. The platform your app will be on.

  3. The specific user experience of Droplr integration within your app.

We review each request and allow access only to applications we feel will add a significant benefit to Droplr users. However, there are some basic criteria we use to evaluate the request.

  1. We do not approve apps that attempt to simply use Droplr as a back end storage solution. Droplr is a sharing platform and the use of the service should primarily be about aiding people in simple, quick sharing.

  2. We do not approve apps that attempt to simply replicate the functionality of Droplr's native apps with a different user interface. We're very concerned about presenting our customers with a unified, simple solution for sharing, and therefore, feel it's important to mitigate the risk of customer confusion. Right now we currently offer native Droplr apps for Windows, Mac and the iPhone.

  3. We do not approve apps that attempt to use Droplr for limited-use or personal applications. We are a very small team and it takes a large effort in support, communication and development to provide the API. Therefore we try to limit its use to applications that will have a broad-market appeal and provide measurable benefit.

After your request is granted we can happily provide you with documentation.

The Droplr Team

P.S., One final important note. The Droplr service is in constant development and evolves over time. The API we do provide is on an as-is basis and we cannot be liable for changes in our service that may hinder the user experience of your application. However, before we make any significant changes we do attempt to communicate with all of our developer partners and provide significant time for any code changes that may need to take place.
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