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What’s in a drop link?


You’ll notice the links Droplr generates are http and not https. Because we allow users to use a customized domain name, we cannot guarantee ownership of a Droplr sharing domain and therefore own SSL certificates for customized domains. Because of this, the wrapping “page” that you share is served over http. However, the content itself, i.e., the file, image or video you’re sharing is served from our servers over https. If you inspect any Droplr shared page you’ll see the actual link to the content always begins with https. Secondly, the https link that your content is served from, e.g.,…, is a self-expiring link that cannot be accessed by itself after a short time.

Domain is Droplr’s own domain that we use for default share links. We use a single letter along with a 2-letter TLD to keep drop links as short as possible. If you have a Pro or Team account, you can customize this with your own personal domain that you own. You can learn more about custom domains and how to configure them here.


Content Prefix

The single letter immediately following the domain name tells you the content type of the drop. This is helpful to know what kind of content the drop is without having to click on the link and view it. This is also used by 3rd party applications so they know whether or not to display the content inline if it’s an image or a video.

– i = image
– v = video
– a = audio
– n = note
– f = file

If the link is missing this section, this usually indicates that the drop is just a shortened link. We do not add a prefix for links. However, any drop link will still function even without this prefix included in case you need your link to be as short as possible.


This is the drop “code” that makes each drop link unique. It is randomly generated when you create a new drop. We currently do not support customization of this section of a drop link.


The second string in a private drop is the “password”. There are two ways to link to a private drop. First, you can include the “password” in the link itself and anyone clicking it can view the drop. Secondly, you can send only the short link with just the first “code” section and send the “password” though alternate means. This can be a more secure way of sending sensitive information. You can learn more about private drops and how they work here.

Embedding Drops

If you have a Pro or Team account, you can easily embed drops, i.e., images, videos, audio, and files by adding a “+” or image file extension to the end of any drop link. This also works if you simply need to link directly to the content instead of Droplr’s share page.

For example, if you wanted to embed the above link, you could use either of these URLs:


If you’re using an image extension, the image extension you use does not have to be the same as the original image you’re linking to. This is simply an additional way to embed something in case the system you’re trying to embed it on only supports valid file extensions.