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Change your Email Address

In this article, you will learn how to change your email for your Droplr account

If you have signed up with the wrong email or want to update the new one, don't worry, you can change this easily

Changing your email address is really simple. You just need to go to your Droplr dashboard. Click on the top right dropdown of your profile picture and select ‘settings’. Alternatively, you can simply head over to here.

dashboard settings

From here you can change your email address. You can also can update your personal or company email depending on the account. If you have a personal account, then we advised to update a personal email and if you have a joint account with company/business then you can set that email with your company. Droplr has a strict privacy policy, we keep your email private and never share your information with anyone.


Make sure you hit ‘save changes’ at the bottom and it will make the changes for you!

You will be able to log into the same account with the same password you used for the original email address.