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Team Accounts

We designed Droplr for Teams to function the same as the service that individuals loved, just with beefed up security, account management, centralized billing, and single-sign-on. This means that your team can get the most out of Droplr with the same

Private Accounts

Each team member has their own private account that only they have access to. They can use same official Droplr and 3rd party clients. The only difference is to change things like security settings, branding, and domain configuration, they need to go through a team admin. It functions pretty much the same way as your business email inbox.

The beauty of keeping this ultra-private setup is sharing is always quick, effortless, and private no matter how big your team or organization gets. There’s no worrying about permissions, user groups, who saw what. Your team shares what they want to share, when they want to share it.

Team Administration

Team Admins can use Droplr just the same as any other user with the one addition that they can control team-level settings like Branding, Drop Privacy, Self Destruct, Domains, and Theme. Also each Team Admin has access to all of the billing settings and history. Team Admins can be promoted from regular users by selecting their account on theTeam settings page and choosing “Make Admin“.

User Onboarding

Team members can create their accounts by clicking on your team’s unique registration link that you can find on your Team settings page. You can send this link out by email, text, group chat; basically any way you want. Remember: if you don’t want someone registering on your team, don’t send them this link.

If a user already has an existing Droplr account that they want to use as a member of your team, contact customer support and let us know. One of our support specialists will be happy to help.

Deactivating User Accounts

If a user leaves your organization you have two options:

  • Deactivate their account: This will keep their data around and their links active but they won’t be able to share any files or make any changes to their data.
  • Delete their account: This will flag their account for deletion and purge all their data from our system.

Enterprise Features

For our Enterprise customers we are pleased to offer Single Sign On integrations, specialized pricing, and more. If you have a team that is larger than any of our plans allow for please fill out the form on this page and we’d love to talk about how we can help you get your whole team using Droplr.