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Improve Team Communication Through Chat Apps

In this article, you will learn how to communicate much effective with your team

Using tools like Slack and HipChat have revolutionized the way many teams work.

Rather than long chains of emails or one-off conference calls or video chats, creative teams can share ideas and jump through iterations in real time, chatting just like in the AOL days.

But there is still something to be desired when it comes to sharing files and screenshots in these apps. Like, what if sharing an image or an idea on Slack was made just as simple and convenient as actually using Slack?

Well, you can — with Droplr.

Native file preview support

Droplr wasn’t just built to be a quick way to pass back and forth links.

It was also built to improve the way you work every day. And a big part of that is integrating natively with the apps that your team is already using.

Case in point: native file previews in apps like Slack, HipChat, Basecamp, and more.

Just paste a Droplr link into the chat, and it will automatically generate a file preview, showing the image in-line with the rest of the chat. You won’t have bumble around with saving and uploading individual files or using third-party hosting services.

Using either the Droplr desktop app or Chrome extension, you can grab an image on the fly and drop it into the chat for everyone to “ooo” and “ahh” over.

Just do this:

  1. Open either the Droplr desktop or Chrome extension menu.
  2. Click “Selected Area” under Capture.
  3. Use the crosshair to highlight the area you want to capture.
  4. The link for your latest Drop is automatically copied to the clipboard.
  5. Paste it into Slack, HipChat, Basecamp, or whatever other newfangled chat app your team is using these days.

Five steps. That’s it. And you don’t even have to remember where the heck you just saved that image you wanted to upload.