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Solve UX Challenges

In this article you will learn how to collaborate with designers better

One area of collaboration that can be difficult for teams is design and UI/UX.

These are such vital components of your website or product, but it’s not always easy to tell someone your vision for how something should look or feel by just typing it into an email or Slack. You need to be able to show them.

And that’s how Droplr helps creative teams solve UX challenges.

Capture video and GIFs

Have you ever tried to explain a UX issue or tell someone how a process can be improved? It’s difficult to put it into words, and trying to walk someone through the thing step by step can be time consuming and tedious.

With Droplr, you can capture a quick recording of your screen in real time, then flip it over to the designer to show them exactly what you’re seeing or how you think something should work.

So, say you’re on your site and you notice that the onboarding flow doesn’t seem quite right. You’ve got an idea for how to make it better.

All you need to do is download the Droplr app for Mac or Windows. Then, right click the icon in your taskbar or system tray and click “Grab video.”

Now you can record your actions in real time, walk the designer through the problem, or show them an example of how to solve it from another site. Droplr saves the video as a Drop, and you can share the link via email, Slack, Hangouts, or however else you want to communicate.

With Droplr, challenges that used to take a full day of phone calls and emails to solve now take just minutes to capture and send.

Annotate for clarity

Give your video extra clarity by capturing your screen and adding annotations.

Want to draw attention to a particular detail about the UX solution you’ve identified? Super simple.

With the Google Chrome extension or Droplr app for Windows or Mac, just:

  1. Click “Selected Area” under Annotate.
  2. Use the crosshair to highlight the area you want to capture.
  3. Draw or add notes with the annotation tools.
  4. Save the Drop and share the link.

Cut confusion, save time, and solve more problems with Droplr.