Onboard New Employees with Droplr

In this article you will learn how to organize employee training materials.

Onboarding for new employees is hugely important. Not only do you bring them up to speed on vital information like systems and processes, but you also give them a taste for your company’s culture — what they can expect from their new workplace and its people.

But onboarding can also be a bit hectic, with a huge list of websites and files and permissions to get through.

Droplr gives you the ability to collect all of those hugely important pieces of the onboarding process and save them in one place. You’ll never forget to show an employee this thing or that folder again.

Collect vital docs, websites, and processes

Say you want to be sure to show your new employee how you organize folders on a server or show them a particular document that your team uses. In just a few steps, you can get that all squared away:

  1. Download the Droplr app for Windows or Mac.
  2. Find the relevant files and folders you want to share with new employees.
  3. Drag and drop the files into the Droplr app or dashboard.
  4. Open Droplr and tag the new Drop with something like #newbies.

But you aren’t limited to just files and folders.

Because Droplr works for sharing and collecting nearly any kind of file, image, website, or video, it’s a snap to compile all the various resources you need to share with a newcomer in one place.

If your company uses a cloud-based resource like Harvest, then just save a link to GetHarvest.com as a Drop with the Google Chrome extension or the Droplr app and add your tag. Now you’ll never forget to get them set up and trained on the tools they need to do their job.

Build as you go

Things change. And when they do, so does the way you onboard and train new employees. You can’t keep telling them about the way you used to use Dropbox when your team now uses Droplr to share and send stuff.

Instead of creating some huge, new project to “update the employee training materials” whenever you make a change or improvement, you can just update your collection of materials in Droplr. There’s no drawn-out approval process or worrying about old versions laying around on someone’s desktop.

Add new Drops you need and delete the ones you don’t. Done.

Bring everyone up to speed

Last but certainly not least, you need to share all this information with new employees.

With Droplr, all you have to do is log into the web app and select your tag — #newbies — from the left-hand menu.

Now you’ll see a filtered list of resources that every newbie needs, all in one place, ready to help your new employee conquer the world.

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