Make Your Profile Personalized

This article will help you learn how to set up your account and make it unique, just like you!

Once you’ve created your Droplr account you can make it a bit more customized and personalized. The more personal your account is, the easier it is to use. Start with these few simple steps.

1. Self-Destruct settings

This feature helps you secure sensitive and important files by automatically deleting them when they are no longer in use. You can set a default time for how long you want to keep your drops alive. This time can be forever, for only an hour, for a day and for a week. The default setting is to keep them alive forever.

2. Use a customized short link

Here you can customize the drop links and configure their appearance. By default your drops are uploaded with a link, but if you like you can use a custom subdomain that makes your short URLs look like this: You can even send files with your own domain, for example: Head over to this guide to see how this works.

3. Add Drop privacy to secure your files

Droplr gives you an option to secure your files by adding a password to URLs. When you select private and protected URLs, Droplr will generate a random password as part of the short link. If you choose “Team Members Only”, it will provide you with the highest level of security – only your team members will be able to see your drops. Learn how it works here.

4. Change the background of your drop pages

You can change the background of your drop pages. Choose whatever you prefer, either dark or light themed – it’s up to you!

5. Update your logo and make your brand speak!

You can add your company logo to your drop pages and let people know the files you’re sharing come from you. This is what really separates you from the rest and makes your account more personalized.

This is what really separates you from the rest, update your logo to appear on your drop pages, and you are fully customized!

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