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Send Huge Files in a Snap

In this article you will learn how to send large files using Droplr apps

One common inconvenience in the modern workplace is trying to send huge files to someone who needs to access it. Think of videos or PSD files that can be 500MB, 1GB, or even bigger.

You obviously can’t attach them to email. Plus, they gobble up huge amounts of your storage space on apps like Slack. But you need to get this important video footage to Becky in marketing. What do?

One solution is Dropbox or some other kind of normal cloud storage service.

But who really wants to fumble around with browsing for a file, navigating through a bunch of folders, finding a place to save it, and then still having to wait for the file to upload? Plus, depending on how you use Dropbox, it may not be accessible to outside parties or you may have to juggle permissions settings just to let someone access the link.

Basically, it’s a bit of a mess, and you may end up just mailing your colleague a flash drive rather than trying to jump through a million hoops to get the file where it needs to be.

But wait just a second. Don’t spend that $0.47 on a stamp just yet.

Sending huge files in a snap

If you have a huge file you need to transfer to a colleague, Droplr makes it super quick and simple.

  1. Download the Droplr app for Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  2. Right-click on the file you want to share.
  3. Click “Share with Droplr.”
  4. Paste the link over to your coworker/henchman.

(Pro tip: If you are just transferring the file for quick use and won’t need to access it again in the future, set the Drop to self-destruct and it will automatically be deleted to save you space.)

They can grab the file in a second, go on their way, and keep doing real work instead of spending way too much time staring at their computer in awe at how difficult it can be to move a file from one box to another.

Go ahead. Blow the minds of your coworkers.