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Configuring Domains

Droplr has made custom domains much more stable and secure by enabling HTTPS support.

You can choose to personalize Droplr with a custom domain for your drop links instead of using our own short url ( For example:

Here’s how to set it up.


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Pre-login steps

  1. Choose a registrar like iwantmyname where you can purchase a domain name that is available. (This usually costs about $10 per year.)

  2. Make a configuration change depending on the number of levels in your desired domain.

Domain Configuration

First Level (Root domain, e.g.

  1. Point CNAME record to using CNAME Flattening or ALIAS techniques.

  2. We recommend CloudFlare, but you can use any other DNS provider that supports CNAME flattening or ALIAS techniques: CloudFlare, DNS Made Easy or DNSimple.

Second Level or further (e.g.

  1. Point your CNAME record to

Setting custom domain in CloudFlare with HTTPS support

Create your free account on and follow our guide to properly configure your custom domain with HTTPS in Droplr.

  1. Add a CNAME record in your CloudFlare DNS settings, pointing to


2. Enable “Full” SSL support in Crypto settings.


3. Turn on "Always Use HTTPS". This will make it so all of your traffic is encrypted with SSL.

4. Optional: Create Page Rule that will automatically redirect non-secure HTTP traffic to HTTPS for your custom domain. You only need to complete this step if you don't want to turn on SSL for your other domains in CloudFlare.



Post-login steps

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to the section titled Links.

  3. Choose the Custom domain option.

  4. Enter your domain (e.g. or subdomain (e.g.

  5. Click Save Link Settings.

Root Redirect

When using a custom domain, we allow you to set a root redirect that defines where someone will be forwarded if they visit the root of your custom domain (e.g. To configure this, do the following:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to the section titled Links.

  3. Make sure the Custom domain option is turned on and click Save Link Settings if necessary.

  4. Scroll down to the section titled Root Redirect.

  5. Enter a valid URL where you’d like users to be forwarded to.

  6. Click Save Root Redirect.


Do I need to change the nameservers for my domain?

Nope, just the A-record or CNAME record depending on levels in your domain.

How do I know if I set up my domain properly?

After re-configuring your domain, you must wait up to 72 hours for the changes to take effect. When you visit the subdomain or domain, you should see a Droplr error page — this means that the domain is correctly pointing to Droplr, but that your account hasn’t been configured to use it yet.

What happens when someone visits my custom domain?

They will automatically be redirected to Droplr’s homepage unless you have a root redirect set up.

What if I’m having trouble setting up a custom domain?

Unless you are currently subscribed to a plan with premium support, we’re unable to support many of the issues that crop up, so it’s best if you ask a friend who has done this before.

Can I have more than 1 custom domain?

No, currently we only support 1 custom domain per account. However, if you’re on a team account, your entire team will share the same custom domain.

What happens if I change my custom domain?

All links that you’ve used with your previous custom domain will cease to work. However, the short link code remains the same, so you can simply update those links wherever you’ve posted them to reflect your new custom domain and they will resume working. Additionally, all links are always available by using “” whether the custom domain option is turned on or not.