Share Code in Seconds

In this article you will learn how you can easily share code.

Code makes the world go ‘round.

(Well, it doesn’t literally make Earth rotate. That’s caused by the remaining force generated during the formation of our solar system. But you get the idea.)

If you work in technology, which you probably do (or use it, which you definitely do), then code is a huge part of your life without you even knowing it. And it’s a huge part of the entire world’s lives.

Even so, one of the greatest unsolved challenges of the modern world seems to be how to send a piece of code from one person to another. Like, how do I send my code to you, so you can use it?

It seems simple. But it’s not.

In many cases, just copying and pasting a snippet of code won’t work. Many forms of communication aren’t built to handle this properly, and the code gets mangled into some kind of gibberish or otherwise ruined in the transfer process. Even if that’s not the case, code can be incredibly difficult to read or understand when sent through traditional communication platforms that don’t provide the right kind of formatting to make it clear and readable.

Luckily, pretty much everyone at Droplr is a nerd. Since we write in, think about, and share code just about every single day, we created a simple way to transfer code from me to you, with just a few clicks.

You’ll need to download a copy of the Droplr desktop app for Windows or Mac, then just follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Droplr app or dashboard.
  2. Click “Code Snippet”
  3. Paste your code into the box.

The link to your drop — with undisturbed, well-formatted code — is automatically copied to clipboard. Now just drop the link into an email, Slack chat, or instant message.

Your programmer buddy on the other end can click the link, copy the code, and paste it right where they need it to go.

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