How to Record Your Webcam with Droplr on Chrome, Mac, and Windows

You can use Droplr to record your webcam alongside your screen. Webcam recording is available on the Google Chrome extension and Mac and Windows apps. Let’s go over how to turn on and use webcam recording on each app.


Click on the Droplr icon in your browser and click on the Screencast tab. Before selecting your recording type, you can toggle on “Enable Webcam” to turn your webcam on in your recording. To choose your camera source, click on “Show advanced options”, then select your webcam under “Camera source”. 

Your webcam image will appear in the lower left corner of your recording if you’re recording your current tab, or the lower right corner if you’re recording your full screen. You can switch between three different webcam sizes before or during recording when recording your current tab. For both full screen and current tab recordings, you can change your webcam’s position on your screen while recording. 


On the Mac app, you can turn on your webcam when you screencast as HD video. After you click on HD video and before starting your recording, you can click on the options tab on the bottom of your screen next to the “Record” button. Under “Camera”, you can choose your webcam source. You can also click on “Camera size” to adjust the size or your webcam on the screen between 3 different sizes. Your webcam will appear on the bottom right corner of your screen, though you can change its position before or during recording. 


On the Windows app, you have to set up your webcam before you select your recording type, though webcam settings only apply to HD video recordings. Click on “Preferences” on the bottom of your Droplr Windows app. Under system settings, check the box labeled “WebCam should show with recording” to turn on your webcam for future video recordings. Your webcam will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen when you record and can be adjusted during recording. 

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