Collect Research and Sources for Blog Posts

In this article you will learn how to organize your researches materials.

If you’ve ever spent time writing blog posts, then you probably know that doing research for an article can get a bit overwhelming. You start with a simple Google search, and the next thing you know, you have 66 open browser tabs and you’re frantically trying to flip back and forth between them to find that one with the interesting stat.

Being a writer is difficult. Droplr makes it easier.

Not only is Droplr great for collaboration and sending and sharing files, but you can also use it to just keep your own stuff organized — to help you get stuff off your plate so you can work on what’s in front of you.

Capture and close

With the Google Chrome extension for Droplr, you won’t have to bury yourself in open tabs. Instead, you can save the URL and then close it until you need it later.

Just install the extension, then click on the Droplr icon from the extension bar in the top right of the window. You’ll see an option for “Shorten URL.” Click that.

Now the link is saved to Droplr and you can safely close the browser tab without losing it.

If you want to add an extra layer of organization, you can open the Droplr web app, click on the Drop that you just saved, and add a tag to it, like #myawesomeblogpost. Then when you’re looking for those sources again later, you just have to click that tag from the left-hand menu to automatically filter your Drops and find what you need.

Never lose the data you need

Looking for that one website from three months ago where you found all that interesting data on porcupines, but now you can’t remember it for the life of you?

If you saved the link to Droplr, it’ll be right there — waiting for you to need it again.

Not only does Droplr help you keep yourself organized, but it never forgets. It’s a safe place to store just about anything you can imagine, for as long as you need to.

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