How to Use Droplr’s Android App

You can download Droplr for Android from the Google Play store. Please note that you cannot sign up for a Droplr account through the app; only current Droplr customers can login and use the app. If you need to sign up for a Droplr account, please visit and sign up through the website.

droplr android login

You can do the following within the Droplr Android app:

Edit basic profile information: You can edit your email address and first and last name.

droplr android profile settings

Upload files: You can upload images, videos, and other files from your mobile device to your Droplr account.

my droplr library on android

Share drops: You can copy and paste a drop’s sharing link or share the file directly with email, SMS, or messaging apps.

Edit drops: You can edit a drop’s name and privacy settings.

drop android settings

Delete drops: You can delete a drop or set a time for auto-deletion. 

Record webcam videos: You can record videos with your device’s webcam and upload them to Droplr.

record video and upload files to droplr for android

More features are forthcoming.

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