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Personal Workspace - Organize your files in a Cloud Storage

In this article, you will learn how to manage your files in Droplr cloud storage

When you do a lot of screenshots, screencasts and you share a lot of file with your friends you need to have a tool to store and organize them. Keeping this in mind we came up with a solution that let us have access to all files you’ve ever created and sent using a Droplr app.

Workspace gives you access to drop history

When we were designing our cloud storage, the first and most important feature was an access to all drops you’ve ever made. You can log in to your workspace here. You will find there your historical drops. You can easily sort them whatever you want, for example by Number of Views, Create date, or Last Activity.


Upload files with Drag and Drop

When you want to add any photo or file to your Workspace, you can easily drag and drop it into your account and they will appear in your drop list. Droplr creates a short link that you can easily copy and paste anywhere you want to share!


You can also upload more than one drops simultaneously. Simply drag a whole bunch of the files and drop them to your Workspace or Board. It’s a huge time saver.

Boards feature - your photo/file collections

Boards are really useful when it comes to organize and manage your files. It lets you organize your stuff and make a beautiful collection with your photos and files. Boards can be used as a collaboration space where you can interact with your colleagues and clients. You can easily manage your files and photos in Droplr Board with newest drops listed first, or if you prefer, you can change the order whatever you want. Boards, let you keep all your drops organized and easy to find, whenever you need them. You have a choice whether to share boards with others or keep them private by using a password.

How to Create a Board

Go to your workspace and click ‘Create a board’ on the top left side menu of the page.


You will be presented with options like ‘Board Name’, ‘Privacy’ and ‘Password’. Give your board a suitable name and select its privacy either private or public.


If your board is public you can enable public upload and let others send files to board. You can always change privacy settings whenever you want. Your boards will appear on the left sidebar of your workspace.

Private Board

Private boards are protected by a password, so anyone who doesn’t have it will not see its content. But if you want to add anyone to your board you can send them a board link and a password or if they are in your team you can just invite them to a board, and they will see it’s content. However, if you want to share the board with people out of your team for example on Facebook groups or forum, you can change the settings of boards from private to public and then everyone with a link will have an access to them.

Public Board

The public boards allow anyone with a link to access your content, even when they don’t have a Droplr account. You can also invite everyone from your team or go through and select users you want to collaborate with. From there you can decide if you would like your teammates to just view the content, or contribute to it. You can add there any photo or file by drag and drop. You can either change a way how files are displayed or choose to display them as a grid or list view. When you want to share your collection with someone else just copy the URL of the board and send it anywhere you want.

Public upload

Sometimes you want to receive files from others. In this case, you can enable public upload feature. The Public Upload allows others to upload files or photos to board you shared with them. The public upload is pretty useful when you have to get some files from your coworkers or stakeholders. For example, it might be a pretty tough experience to receive files from a graphic designer or a photographer especially when it comes to large size file. Secondly, the boards can be used to let people collaborate to build a collection, for example, photos from the last integration or ideas of a new feature. File transfer might be a problem as it takes time and requires extra effort, but Droplr solved both of these problems not only for you and also for your coworkers and stakeholders.