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Screencast - How to Easily Record Your Screen

In this article, you will learn how Screencasts can help you at work and why you should use Droplr to record your screen.

Screencasts are a digital video recording of the screen involving audio narrations, aimed to create multimedia presentations. Before I write how to record your screen with Droplr I want to show you why you should even use it.

Let’s start with how screencasts can help you achieve your goals each day. Explaining a process that happened on your screen might be tough especially when you talk with no tech savvy person. Someone once said that one image is worth more than a thousand words and I couldn’t agree more with him when it comes to explaining how a software works. It works like that because on screencast you show not only what should be done, but also the whole background of the message. For example what you’ll click if I’ll say click the green button?


There is two of them, and because they are pretty much the same I didn’t specify it, but it can be confusing for someone you want to explain it, but if you will create a video there will be no doubts.

Let’s take a look at 2 more examples.

I pretty sure no one has more things to explain than people who take care of customer support. Screencasts work really great for them because a knowledge about a product is so different between them and users. Sometimes it’s not easy to wear a user shoe’s and start thinking like them. So screencasts are a great way to solve issues faster, delight your customers and providing a positive customer service experience. Instead of explaining how to do something, customer support manager can answer customer’s queries by showing instead writing a long text message. It increases the trust and credibility between the company and its customers.

Screencast Helps Reporting Bugs to IT

Screencasts are doing a great job when it comes to reporting bugs to IT team. By showing how exactly an app behaves going through an issue, screencast will make your bug report complete. Reporting an issue with screencast is pretty simple as well, but you have to remember a few simple rules. Firstly try to avoid unnecessary moves and be focus only on steps that really matters. Use voice when you have to explain something that you can show on screen. Make sure you showed a bug as a whole, especially how the bug has triggered and what was the result.


A complex description of the issue is really important to understand why the bug happens. It helps to find the right solution much faster, so in total your team will have more time to work on things that really matter.

To capture a screencast in Droplr

Click the Droplr icon in the menu bar. Choose the Screencast option.


You will be presented with options like HD Video (Option + Shift + 5) or GIF (Control + Option + Shift + 5). Select the one that works better for you and start recording of the selected portion of the screen.


When you are done, click the Droplr icon in the menu bar, it will end automatically. Your recording will be uploaded to your Droplr account and a short link to it will be copied to your clipboard.


Paste the link into a chat window, email, slack forum or anywhere to share.