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Clear Up Customer Issues & Questions

In this article, you will learn how to improve your customer service answers

Improving your customer service quality is a great way to boost customer happiness, improve retention rates, increase referrals, and generally just make people feel good.

Good customer service is just good business.

Unfortunately, it’s not always super easy to explain to a customer through email, in chat, or over the phone exactly how to solve a problem they’re having.

“The what menu? Where’s that?” is probably something your customer service reps hear all the time, especially if your product is a bit complicated.

But Droplr can make the process much simpler by giving your customer an annotated screenshot or custom walkthrough video — literally in seconds.

Annotated screen shots

If you’re trying to demonstrate something simple to the customer, just use an annotated screenshot that shows them exactly where to click.

Here’s how to do it with the Droplr desktop app or Chrome extension:

  1. Click “Selected Area” under Annotate.
  2. Use the crosshair to highlight the area you want to capture.
  3. Draw or add notes with the annotation tools.
  4. Save the Drop.
  5. Share the link via email or chat with the customer.

This is perfect for pointing out buttons or drawing their attention to specific features or functionality.

Walkthrough videos

If you need something a bit more in-depth, the Droplr desktop app is by far and away the easiest way to capture and share a live screen recording.

This is all it takes:

  1. Download the Droplr app for Mac or Windows.
  2. Right click on the icon from the taskbar or system tray.
  3. Click “Grab Video.”
  4. Do what you do, record the video, save the Drop.

Now, ship the link over via email or chat and show the customer exactly how to do whatever it is they need help with.

They cheer. Your support team cheers. No one gets frustrated.