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Answer Sales Questions and Demo Product

In this article you will learn how to answer Sales question in visual way

When you’re pitching new customers, you want to be able to show them your product in action. You want to be able to answer questions and let them see the power, ease, or beauty of your solution.

That’s why most companies do demo calls where they walk prospective customers through the product and let them see how it works. Unfortunately, once the demo is over, it can be difficult to answer follow-up questions or show product functionality through email.

Your sales team can use Droplr to give next-level follow up with every client — not just answering their questions, but actually showing them more about your product.

Show, don’t just tell

Your sales guy just gave a bang-up demo to a huge new customer. The whole team is excited to land this big fish — it will double your revenue!

When the next email comes in, everyone crowds around the desk to see if they say yes.

But instead of saying yes, the customer has some questions. They’re wondering how your product would handle this special scenario and if it can be used in this other way than the marketing team asked about.

Instead of trying to type out a long, technical response explaining how your product works over email or trying to wrangle the whole team back together for a second demo, Droplr will let you capture a quick video showing them exactly how it works — and it only takes seconds.

All your sales guy has to do:

  1. Download the Droplr app for Mac or Windows.
  2. Right click on the icon from the taskbar or system tray.
  3. Click “Grab Video.”

Now, he can record a quick, live demo of the functionality in question, then grab a link to the Drop and ship it over to the customer in record time.

Not only are they impressed that your app does exactly what they need, but they also think it’s pretty awesome how quickly and easily you showed them what they needed to see.

The client signs.

You take the sales guy out for beers.

Next thing you know, you’re on the cover of Forbes.