How to Turn Off Droplr Branding

You can turn Droplr branding on or off on any Droplr file. If you turn branding off, then the phrase “Powered by Droplr” will disappear from the bottom right corner of your drops, as shown below. You can toggle Droplr branding on and off for screenshots, screen recordings, GIFs, and any other files that you upload onto your Droplr dashboard.

The Droplr branding toggle is found on each file’s individual drop page. When you take a screenshot or screen recording, you can turn Droplr branding on or off right away on your screen capture’s page. Click on the “File info” tab on the right side of the screen capture. “Droplr branding” is located under “File options”

You can also access the File info tab and turn Droplr branding on or off at any time by clicking on your drop in the Droplr dashboard.

Droplr branding is automatically turned on for each file. You can turn it off by setting the Droplr branding toggle to off. The permission will be automatically updated for that file only. You can only toggle Droplr branding at the individual drop level, not the account level, so you cannot turn off branding for all drops from your account settings.

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