Link Shortener and Other Extra Features

In this article you will learn how to use additional Droplr features.


Droplr is packed with tons of extra features that make collaborating quick, easy, and fun.

Capture and Share a Web Page

Droplr makes capturing and sharing a web page fast and easy.

1. Navigate to the web page you want to share in your favorite browser.
2. Click the Droplr icon in the menu bar.
3. Click the + button.
4. Select Share webpage as an image.
5. Droplr will capture the web page displayed in your browser as a flat PNG, upload it to your Droplr account, and will copy a link to your clipboard. Paste the link anywhere to share.

Compose a Note

Need to share a quick note or code snippet without sending the entire file? With Droplr you can compose and share a note in seconds.

1. Click the Droplr icon in your menu bar.
2. Click the + icon.
3. Select Compose Note
4. Compose your note and upload it as plain text, markdown, or code.
5. Hit the Share button to upload your note to Droplr. A link to it will be copied to your clipboard. Paste anywhere to share.

Shorten a Link

Shortening links with Droplr is simple and slick. Check it out:

1. To shorten the URL from your browser, click the Droplr icon in your menu bar, click the + icon, and select Shorten URL. You can also drag a link from the menu bar of your browser into the Droplr icon.
2. The shortened link will be copied to your clipboard. Paste anywhere to share.
3. To shorten a link in the Droplr dashboard, log in to your account and paste the link into the field on the upper left and click the button to the right. Your shortened URL will appear in your drop list. Copy and paste anywhere to share.

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