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Droplr Lite - Free Screenshots and Large File Transfer

In this article, you will learn about Droplr Lite app

The Droplr Lite app is for free, so we think it’s a really good idea to check how Lite works before you decided to buy a pro version. Lite app would work also for those who don’t need advanced features. If you want to take a look on how Lite works, you can download the app here: We have placed some of our best features in the Lite application. Keep in mind our Lite app is dedicated to non-commercial use only. It works in a simple and efficient manner. Here are some specifications on the app:


Create a screenshot and send it with a short link


Want to grab your screen and upload it to the cloud? Don’t worry. Droplr Lite offers you a simple and easy way. After you press Option + Shift + 4 on your keyboard, then just select an area of your screen, and take a screenshot. It will then generate a short link with your screenshot that is copied to your clipboard ready to paste and send anywhere you like. These three keys work like magic to grab the screen.

Transfer a Large File - up to 10 GB

file transger

You can instantly share your files, photos and on-screen content from your desktop to manage the workflow efficiently and quickly. Droplr Lite can fastly transfer a file even up to 2 GB size! You can drag and drop files to the top of the menu bar icon for fast uploading, or use a keyboard shortcut so you can interact with your account without taking your hands off the keyboard. To transfer a file, Hold down Option+Shift+D and select any file you want to upload to Droplr. Your file will then be uploaded and Droplr generates a short link to it that is copied to your clipboard. Paste that short link in a chat window, email, or anywhere you want to share it. If you want to learn more how Droplr helps with file sharing check this article

What makes Droplr Lite different from Droplr Pro

Though Droplr Lite is handy and easy to use but we made it for personal use, hence some advanced features are restricted in the app which is present in the Pro version. Both versions support File transfer size up to 10 GB and creating screenshots, but in Pro version, you can easily annotate them. Furthermore, Lite is rather to work at the moment, so it doesn’t store historical drops you made in past. In Lite, short links look like and drops are deleted by default after 30 days of inactivity. On the other hand, Droplr Pro allows you to manage how long you want to keep your drops alive.