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Droplr Free Trial - Free Screenshots and Large File Transfer

In this article, you will learn about Droplr Free Trial app

The Droplr Free Trial app is free for 7 days, so we think it’s a really good idea to check how it works before you decided to buy a Pro version. You'll be able to decide Pro version is best for you: Pro or Pro Plus. And if you have a team, Team or Enterprise might be the right solution.  app would work also for those who don’t need advanced features. If you want to take a look on how Lite works, you can download the app here: We have placed some of our best features in the Free Trial application. Here are some specifications on the app:


Create a screenshot and send it with a short link


Want to grab your screen and upload it to the cloud? Don’t worry. Free Trial offers you a simple and easy way. After you press Option + Shift + 4 on your keyboard, then just select an area of your screen, and take a screenshot. It will then generate a short link with your screenshot that is copied to your clipboard ready to paste and send anywhere you like. These three keys work like magic to grab the screen.

Transfer a Large File - up to 10 GB

file transger

You can instantly share your files, photos and on-screen content from your desktop to manage the workflow efficiently and quickly. Free Trial can fastly transfer a file even up to 2 GB size! You can drag and drop files to the top of the menu bar icon for fast uploading, or use a keyboard shortcut so you can interact with your account without taking your hands off the keyboard. To transfer a file, Hold down Option+Shift+D and select any file you want to upload to Droplr. Your file will then be uploaded and Droplr generates a short link to it that is copied to your clipboard. Paste that short link in a chat window, email, or anywhere you want to share it. If you want to learn more how Droplr helps with file sharing check this article