Protect the Files You Share

In this article, you will learn how to protect the most sensitive files you share from unwanted visitors

Collaboration and teamwork are prerequisites for every successful venture. Sometimes you have to share sensitive files, confidential information, and important documents like marketing plans, financial statements, or pricing information within your organization. However, there’s a huge risk to data integrity if these files leak outside the organization, so you should do everything to avoid this. 

That’s why Droplr lets you protect the files that are important to you. You can shield sensitive data from people on the outside and make sure that anything shared within your team stays there. This blocks any user from outside your team from being able to view your important and confidential information. 


Another option for securing your files is our Self-Destruct feature. Sharing documents, links, and other media remains fast and simple, but you get more control. You set a time limit for how long your files are visible. The default setting is to keep them alive forever, so they won’t expire unless you change this setting. Just go to your Personal Workspace, select the drops you want to protect, and change their self-destruction period.

Password protected files

The password protected feature of Droplr adds an extra layer of security to your files, keeping unwanted eyes from outside your team away from your sensitive information. This feature allows you to secure files by adding a password to any URL that you share. To learn more about this feature, check out this article.

Just open the Droplr dashboard and click ‘Options’, then click ‘Change Privacy’, and check the box ‘Private or Password Protected’ to make your Drops private. This makes your Drop URLs more secure and protected.

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