Droplr Storage 101

Droplr can be used to store files, images, and videos. In this article, we will discuss Droplr’s storage limits and how you can connect your Droplr account to other cloud storage platforms. Droplr Storage Limits The maximum file upload size limit is 10GB. Bandwidth and total cloud storage limits vary by Droplr plan. Pro Plus Read More

How to Use Tags

You can use tags to organize your drops. Tags let you sort and search for drops by tag. You can add tags from either the individual drop’s page or the Droplr dashboard. Adding Tags When you first take or upload a drop, a tag will automatically be set for it depending on if it’s an Read More

How to Create GIFs

Mac Desktop Application Create GIFs using Droplr’s Mac desktop application. Go to Droplr Mac desktop application>>Screencast as GIF. Windows Desktop Application Create GIFs using Droplr’s Windows desktop application. Go to  Droplr Windows desktop application>>Screencast as GIF. Read More

Drop Stats: See How Often Your Drops are Viewed

Method One: Quick view The number of views on a drop can be seen by hovering the cursor over your Drop. This will be listed as a number in the lower right corner, labeled as views generated. Method Two: Detailed view In your dashboard, click on a Drop. Then click on the lower right corner Read More

How to Turn on Mouse Click Highlighter Tools

In this article, you’ll learn how to toggle on highlighted mouse clicks when using Droplr. Droplr Mouse Click Settings It’s easy to toggle on highlighted mouse clicks with Droplr. Just click on the Droplr Icon, then start a new screen recording. Look for the screen recording settings menu at the bottom of the screen, press Read More

Intercom + Droplr Integration

Intercom lets companies engage, educate and support their customers in a personal and direct way like no other customer communication messaging platform. Droplr facilitates this by allowing the use of visuals in a simple, time-efficient way. Click here to learn more about the integration! Read More

Sketch + Droplr Integration

Sketch + Droplr Integration lets designers quickly and easily share their Artboards. Click here to learn more about the integration with Sketch. Read More

Trello + Droplr Integration

Trello is a powerful visual organizer allowing you to stay on top of your projects and coordinate distributed teams. Droplr enhances its potential by giving another dimension to this collaboration space. Click here to learn more!  Read More

Google Docs + Droplr Integration

Google Docs is fantastic at giving you the possibility to work and collaborate wherever you are. Its integration with Droplr make it even more user friendly and helps you complete the tasks even faster. Visit here to learn more! Read More

Microsoft Teams + Droplr Integration

Droplr Integration See how Droplr integrates easily with Microsoft Teams. You can attach a drop right to a chat message, or share an entire board of drops to a Team’s channel. Edit drops right within messages as well. Sharing within Microsoft Teams is getting a lot easier! Click here to learn more about Microsoft Teams! Read More

Slack + Droplr Integration

Slack is amazing. Slack + Droplr is magical. Our integration makes conversations clearer and more visual and just easier to get back to work. Click here to add Droplr to Slack and learn more! Read More

Share Code in Seconds

In this article you will learn how you can easily share code. Code makes the world go ‘round. (Well, it doesn’t literally make Earth rotate. That’s caused by the remaining force generated during the formation of our solar system. But you get the idea.) If you work in technology, which you probably do (or use Read More

Editing Notes

Ever upload a note to Droplr, then realize you need to make a change? Now you can change any Droplr note from the Droplr Dashboard (https://d.pr). Just log in to your account, find your note, click the gear icon and select “edit note.” You’ll be able to make and save changes in the browser. Anyone Read More

Boards – Create Beautiful Collections

Organize your groups of drops into a collection that can be shared with one link. Boards are really useful when it comes to organizing and manage your files separate from your entire drop collection. Boards can be used as a collaboration space where you can interact with your colleagues and clients on specific projects and Read More

Link Shortener

In this article you will learn how to use the Droplr link shortener. Shorten a Link Shortening links with Droplr is simple and slick. Check it out: 1. To shorten the URL from your browser, click the Droplr icon in your menu bar, click “More”, and select Shorten Link. You can also drag a link Read More

Compose Note with Markdown

In this article, you will learn how to use Markdown to create rich and readable notes. Markdown is a markup language with plain text formatting syntax. It lets you create rich notes and edit its formatting. With markdown, you can easily manage headings, text styles or create lists.  When you want to create a note Read More

Big File Transfer

Learn how to easily transfer large files between devices. Sharing files, even the huge ones don’t have to be difficult, and Droplr is up to the task. You can instantly share your files and photos from your desktop to collaborate with your team efficiently and quickly. When it comes to transferring files, you want it to be as fast Read More

How To Take Screenshots

Learn how screenshots help you communicate clearly and more effectively and how to take them on your computer. Online communication is something that happens every day in the modern marketplace. It’s normal to work with people from the other side of the world. It’s crucial to learn how to effectively explain your thoughts and share precise feedback. When Read More

Recording Your Screen With Screencasts

Learn how Screencasts can help you at work and why it’s helpful to use Droplr to record your screen. Screencasts are a digital video recording of your desktop screen involving audio narrations, aimed to create multimedia presentations. They can be made as a GIFs or video formats like MP4. Before we show you how to Read More

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